New Patients

If you are a new patient at Western Slope Orthopaedics, please fill out the Patient Health History Form in the Patient Portal, and please print, fill out, and bring to your appointment the Patient Insurance Forms and Policies. Click here to access our portal.

1. Patient Health History Forms (Patient Portal)

Please click here to open the Patient Health History forms. Once you have completed this form, the results will be forwarded to our office and added to your electronic medical record. Please answer all questions thoroughly and accurately. You will have 60 minutes to complete form before session times out.

Patients who are new to WSO or have not visited our offices in more than a year should arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time to complete their registration.

2. Patient Insurance Forms and Policies

For your convenience, the patient insurance forms and policies can be filled out electronically and printed. Please complete and bring to your appointment. Please bring the following:

  • Insurance card
  • List of current medications and medical conditions
  • Primary-care physician address and phone number and contact information for other physicians involved with your care
  • Recent diagnostic images such as CTs, MRIs, x-rays, bone scans, or EMGs. Bring both original films and copies of reports.